Investment Planning Services

To create a solid investment plan, you have to start by setting your goals.

We help you create a customized money-management program designed to help you achieve your predetermined wishes and goals. Working with a professional financial planner at GP Wealth Management makes reaching your goals easy and effortless.

Preparing an Investment Plan

Together we build your strategy by:

  • Determining your ideal risk profile
  • Develop an investment plan aligned with your long, medium and short-term objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance
  • Create an appropriate asset-mix approach
  • Choose investment types and other financial products
  • Monitor your program with you regularly

Above-average investment results can easily be obtained if you know your investment objectives and if you allocate the time to evaluate and monitor your investments on a systematic basis. In formulating an investment strategy, consideration must be given by you to a number of important factors including age, responsibilities, investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

Get Started

Your first step is to complete an investor profile questionnaire to help prepare an investment plan. Then you can decide on evaluating your investments.

investor profile questionnaire

An Investment Policy Statement. Do you have one?

An Investment Policy Statement (ISP) details your investment goals and outlines the rules you want your financial advisor to follow in managing your portfolio. Having an ISP in place can help you achieve better investment results. We encourage you to download a copy of our brochure on Why You Need an Investment Policy Statement.


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